command setup-app should check permissions on path

Issue #120 resolved
Jason Harris
created an issue

Although not a critical issue it would smooth the installation and setup process if the command paster setup-app automatically checked the permissions of the path the user has specified to see that this path has read and write access.

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  1. Jason Harris reporter

    Here is the comments I had sent and received with Marcin about this:

    On 02/26/2011 04:29 PM, Jason Harris wrote: Note in reading:

    - Note: the given path for mercurial_ repositories must be write accessible for the application. It's very important since the RhodeCode web interface will work without such an access but, when trying to do a push it'll eventually fail with permission denied errors unless it has write access.

    Shouldn't then the setup-app command actually report an error if the repository doesn't have write access? Is that a bug that it doesn't?


    To which Marcin responded:


    Right, but that would work only when assuming that user will run setup-app and then serve repository with the same user. In most setups that would be true, and adding such check is really easy. Can you file an issue on this?

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