Error - <type 'exceptions.IOError'>: [Errno 13] Permission denied: 'task_f83643aca58f6a790c02abbca5a81b3a'

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nas created an issue


From time to time summary page for some projects stop working with the error:

{{{ Error - <type 'exceptions.IOError'>: [Errno 13] Permission denied: 'task_f83643aca58f6a790c02abbca5a81b3a' }}}

After few hours the error disappears by itself. I checked working (database) and repository directories for ownership/permission problems and couldn't spot anything - everything is owned by same user and permissions are very lax.

Right now, In order to fix it I need to restart uwsgi process, delete data directory and issue rescan repositories with destroy old data option checked.

Can somebody help me with fixing this behavior?

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  1. nas reporter

    I added it my uwsgi configuration, right now it works - but I can't be sure it was fixed by this line as earlier it started to work by itself.

    I'll monitor it and report back with result.

    As reference here is my uwsgi script:

    # Add the virtual Python environment site-packages directory to the path
    import site
    import os
    os.environ['PYTHON_EGG_CACHE'] = '/var/cache/python-eggs'
    # Load the Pylons application
    from paste.deploy import loadapp
    application = loadapp('config:/usr/local/www/rhodecode/production.ini')
  2. nas reporter

    Well, looks like it did the trick. No more issues for the last 6 hours ...

    Thank you for your efforts in making this product.

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