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Carlo Camerino created an issue


it would be really nice if it would have a pull request type. For example, I want a person to pull from my repository, I would then send him a pull request so that he could push my changes.

this would really really be a nice addition in my opinion.. we are starting to use this software in our organization

thanks a lot!

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  1. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner
    • changed milestone to 1.3

    It would require to implement some kind of message system inside rhodecode. I'll try to do that for 1.3 release.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    Awesome! When's 1.3 look like? We're really looking forward to pull-request too.

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    Fantastic! But if there's no enough time to implement message system for 1.3, simple 'pull on server' without it would greatly help us. Notification and communication can be done by mail or other way, but pulling on server is not easy to be substituted.

  4. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner
    • changed milestone to 1.4

    I'm sorry but not yet in 1.3 release, i want to finalize 1.3 release and start implementing new features, but this one is really a high priority

  5. codingtony

    Marcin, that would be indeed a very interesting feature.

    If I can help, let me know, just gimme some hints on were you would like to hook the feature in the code.

  6. Former user Account Deleted

    Hey Marcin, any idea when this feature might land? Also, would it allow us to do reviews of the diff of the tips of two arbitrary branches? Thanks.

  7. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    I resolve this for now. 1.4 is out New features for pull-request system should be in new tickets

  8. Carlo Camerino reporter

    really great !!! i just tried it now.. just upgraded our instance to 1.4.4

    Thanks a lot!

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