New repositories don't show in dashboard

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I'm not receiving any error, but when I create a new repository it does not show in the dashboard. The repository directory is created on the filesystem. If I create the .hg directory myself and replace the one created by rhodecode, then rescan repositories, it then shows up in the dashboard w/ the description I entered when I created the repo via the rhodecode gui. This is on a Windows machine.

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  1. Thomas Waldmann
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    Just tried on linux.

    I can confirm that a freshly cloned repo (cloned on the filesystem, without using rhodecode) does not show up.

    After restarting rhodecode server, it is shown.

  2. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    That's fully desired behavior. Scanning filesystem on each page refresh would be a resource killer, adding repositories into rhodecode should be always made from the web interface, if you really have to add something outside rhodecode system, there's Admin -> Settings -> Rescan Repositories for that.

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