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I'm not receiving any error, but when I create a new repository it does not show in the dashboard. The repository directory is created on the filesystem. If I create the .hg directory myself and replace the one created by rhodecode, then rescan repositories, it then shows up in the dashboard w/ the description I entered when I created the repo via the rhodecode gui. This is on a Windows machine.

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  1. Thomas Waldmann
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    Just tried on linux.

    I can confirm that a freshly cloned repo (cloned on the filesystem, without using rhodecode) does not show up.

    After restarting rhodecode server, it is shown.

  2. Thomas Waldmann
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    It looks like rhodecode fetches the repository list from sqlalchemy database.

    To refresh the db from the filesystem use:

    Admin -> Settings -> Rescan Repositories

  3. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    That's fully desired behavior. Scanning filesystem on each page refresh would be a resource killer, adding repositories into rhodecode should be always made from the web interface, if you really have to add something outside rhodecode system, there's Admin -> Settings -> Rescan Repositories for that.

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