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Install Python Install Setup tools add paths to python and scripts mkdir c:\compile command line easy_install -b c:\compile py-bcrypt after error navigate to: C:\compile\py-bcrypt\bcrypt edit bcrypt.python.c after line 70 add

char password_copy;

char salt_copy;

Change the now lines 77 and 78 to:

password_copy = strdup(password);

salt_copy = strdup(salt);

save then issue python setup.py install

issue via command line easy_install -b c:\compile dulwich after it errors navigate to:C:\compile\dulwich\dulwich edit diff_tree.c line 34 add

typedef int mode_t;

Then issue python setup.py install

Then finally issue: easy_install rhodecode

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  1. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    Nice Thank You for the instruction and patches to py-bcrypt. Currently rhodecode have platform detection and will use sha256 instead of py-bcrypt to ensure proper installation on windows.

    Btw I was not aware that dulwich breaks also on windows ?

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