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Issue #156 resolved
Marc Sanfaçon created an issue

I added a repository to RhodeCode 1 week ago and I just discovered that the statistics are not up to date. After testing, it seems the statistics parsing occurs only when someone goes on the Summary page. When this occurs, RhodeCode parses a small subset of the changesets until a refresh on that page occurs.

I would like for the statistics to be generated automatically in the background. Is there an option for this?

We are using 1.2 beta.

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  1. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    Statistics are useful when you can look at them so they are fetched lazy on summary page. Running celery should load them all on the background just after loading summary page.

    So to answer your question, there's no way to load them automatically now. Although there could be few tricks to make that happen

  2. Marc Sanfaçon reporter

    In version 1.1.7, when loading the summary page, the statistics were loaded in the background. However in 1.2.0 beta, it loads one batch and then stops loading until the next refresh of the summary page.

  3. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    due to code rewrites i think there are some race conditions, and lock are not released on time, when the next task is executed. I'll need to improve the locking and always do a release before running next task. Will fix ASAP

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