search for committer name (and other changeset metadata)

Issue #160 resolved
Thomas Waldmann created an issue

Sometimes you want to see what some specific person has committed.

Even if this person has a repo for his own, it is not easy to see as usually changesets from main repo are regularly pulled into that repo.

With hgweb, this is possible by just searching for the name, but the output is somehow limited, so it is not useful to see ALL commits by that person.

Also, maybe one wants to search for some specific other changeset metadata, so maybe just index them all. :)

Would be VERY useful for summer of code. :)

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  1. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner
    • changed milestone to 1.3

    I'll plan this for 1.3, this can be also combined wit search in commit messages since it's the same index.

    note: it would be good to use the statistics engine to build indexes per repository, since there's a useful mechanism for iterating over changesets

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