Rhodecode doesn't seem to detect changes made locally to the repository

Issue #170 resolved
Marc Sanfaçon created an issue

We are running Rhodecode on a Linux Debian box and have several repositories hosted there.

Some of them are updated locally by scripts running every hour. Whenever this happens, Rhodecode doesn't detect those changes. When I go in the folder and type hg log, the changes are there, but in the ChangeLog in Rhodecode, it doesn't show.

Anything we can do to fix this quickly?

Thanks, Marc

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  1. Marc Sanfaçon reporter

    When I clicked on Rescan repositories, it seems to have updated the Rhodecode cache. Is there a way to force that through scripting?

  2. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    I could think of several methods, but the easiest one could be changing the cache_active to false in cache_invalidation table, that way rhodecode will refresh cache for desired repo.

    But that will not update the journal.

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