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Issue #190 resolved
Mark Edgington created an issue

There are several distributed bug-trackers available, and it would be nice if there were a bug-tracker agnostic API by which different bug-trackers could be integrated into (made accessible via) RhodeCode.

On the user-interface side, initially, only a read-only web-interface would be necessary -- so that issues (like changesets) could be browsed/searched/sorted via the web.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Redmine integration (and others) would be nice... but what would be nicer, a issue tracker in RhodeCode! BitBucket's issue tracking is okay, but GitHubs is better. Something simple, yet flexible like that would be a highly welcomed addition. One of the big benefits would simple, not having to setup another tool. ... its all just in RhodeCode.

  2. William Roush

    I'd take integration over trying to replicate the years of development that have gone into something like Redmine. It'll just mean we stay with Redmine at work and leave a huge chunk of RhodeCode unused.

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