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Currently for every repository there is a large description field that can be entered. This would be better and more portable to other apps (bitbucket, github) if the overview page would show a README file as part of the overview.

Since so many people (including myself) are using Rhodecode instead of (or in addition to) services like Bitbucket and Github, this would create more portability between them all.

First stab at it doesn't have to be complex, something like just using (by default) an available README (or markdown file maybe). From there it could handle more formats. Just a suggestion.

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  1. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    The only issue with this that readme can be very large and description field is small and limited. Putting large readme there could break whole gui.

  2. Ken Watford

    I don't think he wants the README in the description field. Take a look at the "Overview" page for RhodeCode on BB. The description is given in a box near the top. Then, after some recent activity, the README.rst file is rendered. On RC, maybe render the README (if any) as the last box on a repository's Summary page.

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