Permission setting for repository groups

Issue #227 resolved
semmelb created an issue

Setting the permissions at the group level would ease the setup for bigger source repositories.

At the moment you can only set the permission for every repository separately.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    You can already do this just using user groups. Just create a user group per project/repository group.

    However I think some possibility to link/unify user and repository group concepts would be nice. I.e. it makes no sense that a user that hasn't the permission to see certain repositories because he is not in the appropriate user group still sees the corresponding repository group, even if it is completely empty.

    I think some sort of project concept like e.g. in Redmine would be nice.

  2. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner
    • changed milestone to 1.3

    Started to hacking on that one. [note] some key concepts: Permissoin management same as for repos none/read/write/admin write==admin at that point since repo-groups doesn't really have nothing to be set by admin.

    Group permission propagate to repos, but not overwrite explicitly set per user/per group permissons. write some api methods for that also.

    if default permission for repo grou is set to write all users will have write in that repo, EXCEPT if someone is explitily set even with lower(not sure about that here... make little incosistency with user groups where weighted perms propagate only upwards) permission the defaults are replaced with that.

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