Group repo's title bar is inconsistent

Issue #230 wontfix
Alexandre Huppé created an issue

In rev 1511, a repo within a group has some inconsistencies in it's title bar: has "HOME » SQLALCHEMY-MIGRATE » SUMMARY" in it's title bar while the same repo's changelog ( has "HOME » REMOTES/SQLALCHEMY-MIGRATE » CHANGELOG - SHOWING 20 OUT OF 344 REVISIONS" as title.

As you can see, the titles goes from "HOME » SQLALCHEMY-MIGRATE » ..." to "HOME » REMOTES/SQLALCHEMY-MIGRATE" (the group name is added).

I also have a similar problem in rev 1497 with subgroups (the title bar does show the nemae of the current group, but for a subgroup, only the subgroup name appears).

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  1. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    This is due to save space, since you have already given to what group repository belongs right below the bar in the summary page.

  2. Alexandre Huppé reporter

    At least it's not a bug, but it still is a consistency issue to me (minor since not everyone will be so detail oriented).

    Also, I'm pleased to go back to a subgroup and the title bar does now show the parents's name (as a link, even better). Thx

    P.S. Since it's not a bug nor an enhancement, I've changed the type of this issue to 'proposal'.

  3. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    I'll not fix this since the summary page left box is very limited in space, while it is kind of inconsistency i'd rather stick with this than leave a bad UI glitch when having few groups listed in header, while for other views there plenty of space to have this displayed.

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