Fork page repo group selection

Issue #235 resolved
DmitriMK created an issue

Currently, the fork page has no repository group selection for the new repository (fork). That means forks are always created at the top level.

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  1. Magne Ellefsen Nordtveit

    I am currently running 1.2.3, but I can't see that option anywhere. Are there anything I have to do to enable this?

  2. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    it's currently only in beta branch I'm not sure if i'll backport this to next bugfix release, rather this will be released with 1.3, alternatively you can use 1.3 beta for now to have this, ( beta branch should not have any issues AFAIK)

  3. Magne Ellefsen Nordtveit

    Ok, thanks Marcin! (Should the version be updated to reflect that its not available until 1.3 perhaps?)

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