Cannot edit repos inside groups (windows)

Issue #248 resolved
Alexandr Altinchurin
created an issue

Hello! I have Python 2.7 on Win XP, rhodecode beta rev. 1568 If I change options for repos in root folder, it works ok, but when I try to save options for repo in any group, it fails with error message, for example:

"error occurred during update of repository Components\CurveView"

Log shows

Exception: ('Was trying to rename to already existing dir %s', u'D:\backuphg\Components/CurveView')

I'm not familiar with Python, so I just found lines of code where this exception is thrown, and deleted the "if", and it seems to work now. Patch is attached.

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  1. Alexandr Altinchurin reporter

    Oops, I tested it again and found out that I can change settings only once, and after that operation I have two copies of the repo in RhodeCode. I can't change settings in both of them, getting an error "This repository already exists in group ..."

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