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Issue #255 wontfix

shortcut button for latest revision in files browser

Adrien Saladin
created an issue

When browsing files at different revisions (for example https://secure.rhodecode.org/CPython/files/77bac85f610a2830218596067cea501c429fa75a/) it would be handy to have a button to go to the latest revision (tip). Actually clicking on "HOME » CPYTHON" does that, but a graphical button like '>>|' would be more intuitive.

Comments (1)

  1. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    There are so many buttons that leads you to tip(3 actually, home >> reponame, the Location breadcrumbs first position and files on top), i think the most intuitive is files from upper menu that always shows the tip. Adding another button just for that would be overkill IMHO.

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