Active directory user not syncing in Rhodecode

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Please give me solution rhodecode + active directory Authonication below is my configuration

Enabled Ldap - Tick enabled host - port - 389 Account - administrator passwod - admnpassword Connection security - No encryption Certificate Checks - NEVER Base DN - CN=administrator,OU=ahsan,DC=ahsan,DC=in LDAP Search Scope - Base Login Attribute - sAMAccountName

I gave above value, But active directory user not showing and syncing

Please help me that what i did mistake

Regards, Sasikumar Email -

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  1. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    RhodeCode doesn't provide syncing of users. Each user active on AD will be able to log in, and then an rhodecode user account will be created for him. You can also use the built in API to create users very quickly and sync them.

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