Branch/tag names in branch/tag file links on summary page

Issue #287 wontfix
DmitriMK created an issue

Currently, the "files" links within the TAGS and BRANCHES sections of the summary page, as well as the links on the "files" pages for directories contain the actual changeset id in the link: /<project-name>/files/<changeset-id>/<file-path>. Branch/tag names in place of the <changeset-id> in the URLs already appear to work. I think it makes sense to generate the "files" links within the BRANCHES/TAGS sections and the underlying "files" pages with the branch/tag name, instead of the raw changeset ids.

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  1. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    Infact it works only for mercurial, it doesn't work for git. I'm going to close this one since it's to much code to maintain generating different links for git and different for hg.

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