Clone URL changes each time the project is saved.

Issue #288 resolved
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Windows 2008/R2, 64 Bit.

When a repository belongs to a repository group and the admin for the project saved the project settings, the project name changes each time.

I have a group "publicRepositories", and a project test. When the repository admin opens the project settings this name is displayed:

publicRepositories/publicRepositories-Test. saved once more and the name changed to :

publicRepositories/publicRepositories-publicRepositories-Test. The folder name will be repeated within the name for each save operation. Also after the save operation the users gets a 404 page displayed.

The physical hg repository is renamed accordingly.

This did not happen as an RhodeCode Administrator.

It looks like that this is somehow related to the "Repository group" drop down list, which is only displayed as RhodeCode Administrator.

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