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Issue #290 resolved

Search permission issue

Anonymous created an issue

Windows 2008/R2 64Bit RhodeCode 1.2.2

A file named "test.TXT" (which has no content) is within one repository A user has only access to only that repository.

Search index has been created after the check in.

Whe he searched for test.TXT (files content) he gets a Permission denied message. The pager at the search page displays 25 possible pages. There is no other file "test.TXT" within all repositories. So I am not sure where the 25 pages comes from.

The expected behaviour is that a message is displayed "Nothing found".

If the user search for "test.txt" the file is found as expected.

As a feature: Please support "" as a wildcard, so that "tes" or "te." will also find that file.

Kind regards Soernt

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