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Ton Plomp created an issue


the tool looks really good on the demo site, so I wanted to get this running on my Ubuntu 10.04 server.

I had some issues getting it even running, the project depends (at least) on the following packages/configurations: python python setuptools (to just get the python setup.py running) python dev 2.6 (to get the py-bcrypt build) python paste script (to get the paster running) python-sqlite pylons

The documentation on this is slim (I can understand this).

However I have the app running, but I have no graphics, the only graphical thing that I have is the user icon (gravatar), for the other things it's all text only. Then i looked through the CSS and it mentions a hg-icon.png, I cannot find that file in the tip zip I downloaded.

So my basic question is, what other things do I have to set to get it nicely running? And basic question nr. 2, how can I run this together with an apache server? Should I report everything for a specific domain to the hg-app port?

(I am willing to help explore this, however I am not python-savy) A screenshot of the app as I have it currently is at http://screencast.com/t/MjUyOWZiZWI

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  1. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    Hi, all dependencies are installed when You run setup.py install on the project. Missing graphics is caused by the 'static_files = false' flag set to off in production.ini setting (if You used that one). The thing is i disabled serving static files via application instance since it should really be a part of proxy (nginx for example) You have two choices serve static by hg-app and set the static_fie=true (not recommended),or serve statics via a proxy which i highly recommend.

    About apache and pylons. You should proxy request from apache to hg-app using modproxy. More on that here: http://pylonsbook.com/en/1.1/deployment.html#using-apache-to-proxy-requests-to-pylons

    I hope this answer all Your questions. Regards

  2. Ton Plomp reporter

    Thanks that does help indeed!

    Which files should I serve statically? It seems like I cannot locate the static files inside the hg-app directory!


  3. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    I'm using nginx, on apache it should be the same and I point root to /somedir/hg_app/pylons_app/public/ All statics are located in 'public' dir. That should do the job.

    Ps You might want to update to latest tip version since i fixed few small bugs (and also new more user friendly menu is there). You can see it in demo version.

  4. Ton Plomp reporter

    I have succesfully changed my apache directives into the following:

    • LogLevel error
    • DocumentRoot /usr/share/hg-app/pylons_app/public

    This makes apache host everything in the images, css and js folder, the rest is forwarded to the pylons server at port 5000


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