Standardize display of user information (email/username/real name)

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Matt Zuba created an issue

It would be nice to have user information that is displayed through rhodecode be standardized based on a user's profile (if they are not an anonymous commiter).

Example: My RhodeCode user has a firstname and lastname of Matt Zuba.

My commits from Mercurial have usernames ranging from mzuba, to Matt Zuba to mzuba.

I'd like to have all of these standardized so that regardless of the user on the commit, the information displayed is the information stored in my RhodeCode user account if a match can be found (either by username or email address). I don't think the extent of aliases that bitbucket has is needed, just basic support for matching.

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  1. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner
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    Sounds like a good idea.

    Lookup by email, fallback to username But I'll schedule this into 1.3

  2. Matt Zuba reporter

    I took a crack at implementing this on my end. My python skills are quite subpar, but this seems to work... To test, I created an account with the username of mzuba and email of, with a firstname of Rhodecode and lastname of Admin.

    I submitted three commits with different users: mzuba,, mzuba <>

    In all three cases, everything in display is changed to Rhodecode Admin where it would normally display a name, and where it would normally display an email address.

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