Issue #329 resolved

Ability to Add/Remove Groups to/from a Repository via API

David Hoffman
created an issue

I am really enjoying your product, but I find that I have to manually go in and add "Groups" to a Repository and then can only add one at a time...

I am able to use the API to set a "User" but not a group. The same funcitonality would be stellar:


!Request for Enhancement

Add a group to a repository. This command can be executed only using api_key belonging to user with admin rights. If “perm” is None, group will be removed from the repository.

api_key : "<api_key>" method : "add_group_to_repo" args: { "repo_name" : "<reponame>", "group_name" : "<groupname>", "perm" : "(None|repository_(read|write|admin))", }


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