UserForm validation drops LDAP DN information

Issue #336 duplicate
created an issue

When updating a user profile to add LDAP information, the validation process drops submitted information.

Steps to reproduce:

Create a user

modify the users LDAP DN field


Check the user's information, see that the LDAP DN field is unmodified.

Possible fix: add the ldap_dn field to the [[|UserForm]] class. {{{


ldap_dn = UnicodeString(strip=True, not_empty=False) }}} When I added this to UserForm, RC then saved the modification to LDAP field.

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  1. lee reporter

    Right, I could have sworn I looked at that exact issue too. Sorry. Is there somewhere in the documentation that describes the desired behavior/process?

  2. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    As in #292 i posted, that i'm against enabling editing data on that field, since you might lock yourself(or others), and loose access to rhodecode via web. Since this field is propagated automatically when LDAP user logs in, i think the fix should be to set is as html disabled or readonly, this would explicitly indicate that it shouldn't be editable.

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