Creating Group Named The Same After Repo Causes Massive Issues

Issue #337 resolved
William Roush created an issue

So create a repo, call it "repo". Create a group, call it "repo", you'll get a vague error but the group exists now.

Move the repository "repo" into "repo", while renaming it to say "website".

This causes a bunch of problems:

  • A group that doesn't successfully complete all steps still gets put in the database as a valid group.

  • An invisible repo is put under repo/website, you can no longer delete the group repo.

  • You can create an incomplete repo record.

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  1. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    There was a missing check for conflicting names, fixed in beta and backported to stable branch, this will be released as 1.2.4 till monday. Thanks for posting this.

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