Fork on windows -> Crash

Issue #338 resolved
Roger Kratz created an issue

I'm running RhodeCode on Windows. Trying out RhodeCode 1.2.4.

When doing a fork from GUI, the following exception is thrown server side.... (I've tried the "destroy old data" thing with no luck).

←[0;31m2012-01-18 16:38:42.226 ERROR [rhodecode.controllers.settings] Traceback (most recent call last): File "c:\venvs\rhodecode\lib\site-packages\rhodecode\controllers\", line 186, in fork_create repo_model.create_fork(form_result, self.rhodecode_user) File "c:\venvs\rhodecode\lib\site-packages\rhodecode\model\", line 289, in create_fork run_task(tasks.create_repo_fork, form_data, cur_user) File "c:\venvs\rhodecode\lib\site-packages\rhodecode\lib\ ", line 80, in run_task return ResultWrapper(task(args, *kwargs)) File "c:\venvs\rhodecode\lib\site-packages\celery\task\", line 241, incall return, *kwargs) File "c:\venvs\rhodecode\lib\site-packages\celery\", line 141, in run return fun(args, *kwargs) File "c:\venvs\rhodecode\lib\site-packages\rhodecode\lib\celerylib\", line 397, in create_repo_fork backend(str(repo_fork_path), create=True, src_url=str(repo_path)) File "c:\venvs\rhodecode\lib\site-packages\vcs\backends\", line 89, in init self._repo = self._get_repo(create, src_url, update_after_clone) File "c:\venvs\rhodecode\lib\site-packages\vcs\backends\", line 320, in get_repo raise RepositoryError(msg) RepositoryError: Cannot create repository at c:\repos\testing. Original error wa s repository /c:\repos\test not found ←[0m ←[0;31m2012-01-18 16:38:42.252 ERROR [rhodecode.model.db] Traceback (most recent call last): File "c:\venvs\rhodecode\lib\site-packages\rhodecode\model\", line 731, i n __get_instance alias = get_scm(repo_full_path)[0] File "c:\venvs\rhodecode\lib\site-packages\vcs\utils\", line 32, in get_scm raise VCSError("Given path %s is not a directory" % path) VCSError: Given path c:\repos\testing is not a directory ←[0m ←[0;31m2012-01-18 16:38:42.253 ERROR [rhodecode.model.db] Perhaps this repositor y is in db and not in filesystem run rescan repositories with "destroy old data " option from admin panel←[0m ←[0;31m2012-01-18 16:38:42.253 ERROR [rhodecode.model.scm] testing this reposito ry is present in database but it cannot be created as an scm instance←[0m

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  1. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    I pinpointed the problem now to be in mercurial 2.0.2 release, 2.0.1 installed with RhodeCode doesn't have this issue.

  2. Roger Kratz reporter

    Ok. Thanks.

    I don't know much about python but maybe this can be fixed in the dependencies? When using eg pip to install rhodecode, mercurial 2.0.2 is used...

  3. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    I'll prepare a release today/tomorrow that will lower version of mercurial on windows to 2.0.1 by default. you can install 2.0.1 using `easy_install -U mercurial==2.0.1`

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