Add support for raw-rev

Issue #34 resolved
Ton Plomp created an issue

I am using the raw-rev page from hgwebdir to integrate with Mantis, currently hg-app is lacking this page. Here's an example of a raw-rev page:

HG changeset patch

User ton

Date 1278174298 -7200

Node ID 328f75aabf6ddb399f9e83cf1e17f65ed19cd4ee

Parent 9126d8462837ec0f509d498219982c4d8506b5aa

fixing tags

diff -r 9126d8462837 -r 328f75aabf6d .hgtags --- a/.hgtags Sat Jul 03 18:19:44 2010 +0200 +++ b/.hgtags Sat Jul 03 18:24:58 2010 +0200 @@ -1,8 +1,2 @@ -6a2329c65f8f5ef9e9dbcac5a084c4e5eacfb09f 1.1-0 -6a2329c65f8f5ef9e9dbcac5a084c4e5eacfb09f Distribution -2e4b2f34221060a255e094753d43e8473c29a037 1.2-0' -6f6e2f273f0065ea9c732dfec6d4705962936a47 help -6d80f6f4c301fed84ead713f4907d900f93db99a /? -6f6e2f273f0065ea9c732dfec6d4705962936a47 help -0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 help +6a2329c65f8f5ef9e9dbcac5a084c4e5eacfb09f v1.1 2acbb92bbfea6fda6b2e39ac97da0a80b117ce2a v1.2 diff -r 9126d8462837 -r 328f75aabf6d Binary file has changed

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  1. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    Implemented after revision 512. But there's an open discussion what diff format to implement. SInce now i use difflib, but it's possible with newest vcs to use git mercurial diffs, and that is probably to be implemented soon

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