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Opening a random repositories changelog in RhodeCode with Internet Explorer 7 (Windows XP 32-bit), the graphlog on the left side is not displayed.

Enabled stats are not displayed as well.

To reproduce:

1) Open http://demo.rhodecode.org/test-fork/summary ---> Stats are not displayed

2) Open http://demo.rhodecode.org/test-fork/changelog ---> Graphlog is missing.

3) Upper menu and user quick menu are hidden

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  1. Brandon Jones

    Though I agree that Internet Explorer is a horrible browser, I'd just like to point out that I am unable to change my account settings, even while using Internet Explorer 9. (The dynamic menus for Administration and the User Profile do not appear.)

    I will see what I can find out on what it doesn't like, but I know its not functional in IE9..


  2. Brandon Jones
    • removed version


    I did notice that removing this line fixes it for IE9, but I don't see where it breaks FF/Chrome/Opera? Is there something I'm missing?


  3. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    the issue with other browsers after removing the z-index was that when scrolling elements would stand out in fron of top header bar. you can see that issue especially on summary page.

  4. Brandon Jones


    I see what you mean. I have forked the repository and fixed this issue. The menus appear properly now in Internet Explorer 9, though I'm not ambitious enough to spend the time (or headache), for older versions of IE.

    Everything works for IE *except* the graphs. This is due to the fact that canvas is built-in to Internet Explorer 9 but it was coded to include the external canvas file for *any* version of Internet Explorer.


    Thank you, keep up the good work!

  5. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner
    • changed status to open

    Hi, I'd seen your patch unfortunately messing around YUI css broke the YUI autocomplete. Used in user selector for permissions. So i cannot apply it.

  6. Brandon Jones

    Where is the selector at? If I know where its located I can take another look and fix it. I can't seem to find it..

  7. Brandon Jones

    Nevermind, I find what selector you are talking about. I will clean this up and let you know when I have taken care of it.

  8. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    I'd attached a screenshot. Would it be possible to not hack any of css of YUI, it's very mature cross-browser library. I would feel safer for future if it's css classes are not modified.

  9. Brandon Jones


    I will make the changes sometime this week, I have a fix I just don't have time to apply it right now, hopefully I will tomorrow. I will try my best to not alter YUI, but working with the Javascript behind it I can't think of a way to dynamically apply styles to the HTML elements instead of altering some of the YUI styles (mostly positioning and z-index).

  10. Brandon Jones

    I plan on creating an extra style sheet for the styles required for internet explorer. This will be conditional so the changes will only exist if you are using internet explorer. My hope is to finish this by the end of these weekend, or next monday.

    I have had success with no hacks applied to YUI, its just a matter of finding the time to apply the changes required for internet explorer. I highly recommend to my coworkers to use chrome or firefox but a lot of them don't care and use internet explorer anyways.

    It might be easier for you to adapt using the graphs for internet explorer 9+ because canvas is now built-in. As much as I dislike internet explorer, its useful to have styles for both to appeal to a wide audience.

  11. Former user Account Deleted

    A patch or additional style for using Rhodecode with IE would be great. IE is the officially supported browser in our company - so many colleagues have not the choice to use firefox or chrome :-(.

    Will such patch or style be available with the next Rhodecode Release or do we have to apply it separately?

  12. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    Issues with IE also now should be fixed in 1.4 If anyone finds more please re-open

  13. Brandon Jones

    The menus are fixed, but I'm noticing that I still can't see the statistics. When I was working on this before I remember reading something about Canvas or a similar plugin being native to IE9 and causing some issues.

    Also, if you go to a page that requires scrolling, some text overlaps the title in the top-left of the browser This isn't a major issue, just pointing out somethings that I have noticed.

  14. Steffen Frömer

    RhodeCode 1.5.1 UI-Problems in IE9

    Hi, i still have Problems with the admin menu on IE 8 & 9 on Windows 7 64bit. My RhodeCode Version is 1.5.1

    I saw, that in Version 1.5.2b on demo system all works fine. Where is the difference between these two versions?

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