API: remove_user_from_users_group

Issue #351 resolved
Ken Watford created an issue

I'm writing some scripts to synchronize groups between a few different services, and I noticed that there was no RhodeCode API for removing users from a group.

I've made this addition in my fork. It's pretty simple to add, but I'll send you a pull request if you want it. If so, would you prefer it on the default or beta branch? I've added it in both, but I am currently unable to run on the beta branch so I haven't tested it there.

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  1. Brandon Leiran

    I'm interested in this functionality also to synchronize rhodecode groups with Active Directory groups (using the suggestion in #314 Allow LDAP binding user groups).

  2. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    I'd added this function to beta branch and made few tweaks to them. Probably this will be ported into next 1.2.6 release

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