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Issue #365 duplicate

Fine granular administration permissions

created an issue

I think it would be a good idea to have more granular admin permissions. What I mean by that is only an admin, as far as I can tell, can create repository groups and user groups. I would like to be able to give some developers the ability to create repo and user groups without full admin privilages. If you really wanted to take it to next level it could be extended into the repository groups permissions, as in a user is allowed to create repo groups, but only in other repo groups and not globally.

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  1. Graham Helliwell

    This seems like a far smaller piece of work than #100, any chance it'll get implemented separately to save everyone in the company needing admin permissions just to be able to create their own personal repo group?

    i.e. Next to "Create repositories" permission for user/group, a "Create repository groups" permission too.

    From my perspective any user trusted to create repos anywhere should also be able to file those repos under sensible groups. So an easier solution would be to make the create repositories permission also allow repository group creation.

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