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Issue #369 duplicate

Admin menu doesn't work on ie9

Anonymous created an issue

Upgrade from 1.3.0 : error in db_migrate, about duplicates .. So I did a complete new setup. But now the RhodeCode Web app does not ask for a login .

As a consequence, there is no admin tab.. When forcing the admin page using /_admin as a path, the page asks for login, but then the admin menu doesn not work in IE9. ( transparant menu lines.) The menu works in firefox.

I left production.ini like this {{{


[app:main] use = egg:rhodecode full_stack = true static_files = true lang = en cache_dir = %(here)s/data index_dir = %(here)s/data/index app_instance_uuid = {12ddaaaa-4cba-489e-8f80-ec5f229a47ad} cut_off_limit = 256000 force_https = false commit_parse_limit = 50 use_gravatar = true container_auth_enabled = false proxypass_auth_enabled = false default_encoding = utf8 }}}

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  1. Anonymous

    Same for rhodecode demo site 1.3.2 . Clicking on the 'gravatar' asks for username using a white font on a white transparant background ... = invisible. If you know its there it works .. even on Mozilla this is very unclear.

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