RC Incorrectly says "1 REPOSITORIES" even when no one is created

Issue #395 resolved
ismdiego created an issue

You can find both RC and Repos folders to reproduce this in the attached ZIP file. Setup details:
Admin: admin (admin123)
Users: user1 (123456), user2 (123456)
Repository groups: Group1 (default->none, user1->read)
Repositories: 0 created
* RC installed from scratch on clean Windows XP SP3 (english)

Problems found:

On home screen of admin user, it says "1 REPOSITORIES" but no one is yet defined. If you click on "quick search" and then press enter, it correctly says "0 REPOSITORIES". If you create another Group, it still says "1 REPOSITORIES" (not related). On home screen of user1 & user2, it also says "1 REPOSITORIES"

On home screen of user1, the "Group1" repository is not shown, even this user has been granted read, write or admin rights over that group

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