User group permissions not granted

Issue #399 resolved
ismdiego created an issue

Steps to reproduce:

Create one repository groups (Group1)

Make repository group private (default->none)

Create one user (User1)

Create user group (UserGroup) and add User1

Add UserGroup to Group1 and give read permissions

Problems found:

"user1" can not see the repository group "Group1"

Note: * I have tested with RC 1.3.3 + your modified beta of yesterday

Comments (6)

  1. Maciej Sawicki

    I have RhodeCode 1.3.4 and still have this problem. My scenario was following:

    1. install rhode
    2. setup rhode repo path to existing code structure (project has separate folder contains code for different platforms, so there is dedicated repo for each platform).
    3. create users and user groups (I actually done this by synchronising rhode database with our LDAP db using python scrip, but I hope it doesn't change any thing)
    4. assignee user groups permission to repositories groups (using admin/repositories groups in rhode web panel)
  2. Maciej Sawicki

    temporary fix is sql that maps repos group permissions to repos permissions:

    INSERT INTO users_group_repo_to_perm (permission_id, repository_id, users_group_id) SELECT 3, * from (SELECT gr.repo_id, gg.users_group_id FROM users_group_repo_group_to_perm AS gg JOIN repositories AS gr ON gg.group_id = gr.group_id except select repository_id, users_group_id FROM users_group_repo_to_perm);
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