Display the file "annotation" when viewing a file

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It would be nice to get the "annotated" file, showing the per-line author and modification revision when viewing a file.

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  1. Angel Ezquerra
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    Hi Marcin,

    I am the person who created this issue (and the other anonymous issues, which I created anonymously by mistake). I have sent you a few emails through the mercurial mailing list as well (didlybom).

    I just tested this and I have a few issues:

    - When you click annotate, the file is annotated but the line numbers get misaligned with the source code (this happens on firefox, with no text zooming at all). - In the options, I find "raw" rather confusing. I think it should say "download" or "download/view file", since that is what happens when you click on it. - It is a bit strange that when annotation is off you see "annotate" on the options, and when you it is on you see "source" in the options. - The annotated view does not show the user name. It would also be nice to show the (local) revision number.

    I've taken the liberty of reopening the issue due to these issues. I hope you do not mind!



  2. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    Hi, any feedback is good, and i don't mind it :) The thing with annotation. What version of ff are you using ? i tested it on ff opera and chrome and it looked ok. Maybe it's a css issue. Pls let me know. Acctually when hovering on annotation changeset it's show you an author and commit message via title attribute, i preferably will change this to JS hover window, later on. I think it's good to show this in a format rxx:changeset_hash ex. r23:414e31984afa

    I'll plan to change the options when viewnig annotation to: Options show source / download as raw and in source view Options show annotation / download as raw

    Is this more clear ?


  3. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    fixed in new demo,ther's an early tooltip implementation showing for each changeset an author date message,

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