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Issue #405 invalid

Provide a branch-specific changelog view

created an issue

Right now, it's impossible to see in a RhodeCode screen the equivalent of: {{{ hg log -b mybranch }}}

(that is, a view of all commits in a branch). I need to see this type of view fairly frequently and looks like it would be trivial to implement. I think the need is acknowledged by the fact that the "files" view has a "follow branch" checkbox.

Further, I think this should be the default view when click on a branch name (not the files that are there).

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  1. gomox.ar reporter

    (Reply via gomo...@gmail.com):

    Hey Marcin,

    Thanks, that's exactly it, it's not here in my version (kind of outdated from what I can tell...).


    On Wed, Mar 21, 2012 at 9:14 PM, Marcin Kuzminski < issues-reply@bitbucket.org> wrote:

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