repo-group permission not working without user "default" read access

Issue #414 resolved
maugustin created an issue

Hi rhodecode developers,

I setup ldap for authentication. Now all ldap-users are immediatily active (there was already a request of changing this to "allow after manual activation"). Since this is not available, I denied all repository access for "default" user and add all developers into a DevGroup which has read/write permission of repos and repo-groups

If I set access for user "default" to "none" on a repository group and allow the DevGroup members to "read/write", even DevGroup-users can't see the repo-group on the start page. The repo-group is only visible, if user "default" has "read" permission.

So I have to allow "default" to read this repo-group and deny all access to each repo in the group.

It would be nice, if the permission of the repo-group, would be working for all repos in the group and "default" could have "none" access to it.

And of course, if "allow after manual activation" would work for ldap users too.

Kind regards Michael

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