Edit hgrc file per repository

Issue #433 wontfix
Matt Zuba created an issue

This would only apply to Mercurial repo's of course, but it would be nice, for each repository, to edit it's .hg/hgrc file, rather than having to try to open it up on the filesystem itself for editing.

We are currently having to edit the hgrc file manually for each repository to add a hook for it to auto-push changesets to production/staging boxes; a web interface for doing this would be much more user friendly to our dev's that aren't heavy on their linux/unix experience.

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  1. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    I doubt this will ever be a part of rhodecode. I'm totally against editing hgrc files from rhodecode itself.

    If you need to have hooks on repos, you should use rcextensions, and just edit the global post-push hook, and write your own logic there.

    On top of that you can link that file into a repo and use internal editing functionality from rhodecode to make it editable from web-interface with change history.

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