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An non admin user and without "addrepository" permission can created a new private repository and also a public repository. we using mySQL database on centOS 6.2

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  1. Bogdan NA

    I just tried out the following use case:

    • The following permissions are set:
      • Repository Permission : Read
      • Registration : Disabled
      • Repository Creation : Enabled
    • New user (no permissions)
    • Login as new user
    • Can create a new public repostiory
    • Can create a new private repository
    • Login as admin
    • Set following permissions:
      • Repository Creation : Disabled
    • Login as new user
    • Cannot create repository

    Correct me if there is another place for permissions.

  2. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    There's a global Repository Creation : Enabled that defines the global for all.

    If you enter on user, there's a checkobx for creating repositories permission to give him. It's on edit user. I hope that helps

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