Diff view is missing last line

Issue #492 resolved
Jani Tiainen created an issue

Given following diff in normal diff-view last line is dropped out. {{{ #!udiff

diff --git a/keygwt_core/utils/utils.py b/keygwt_core/utils/utils.py --- a/keygwt_core/utils/utils.py +++ b/keygwt_core/utils/utils.py @@ -131,4 +131,8 @@ return modle except ImportError, e: logger.warning("Failed to imported backend %s, error %s", backend_name, e) - raise e \ No newline at end of file + raise e + +from django.conf import settings
+def get_layers_for_model(model_name): + return settings.MODEL_TO_LAYERS[model_name] \ No newline at end of file


It seems that rhode code counts {{{ \ No newline at end of file }}} as one of the lines in diff chunk and thus confusing diff viewer.

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  1. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    That issue should be fixed in beta version, can you confirm by checking your issues with demo.rhodecode.org ?

  2. Jani Tiainen reporter

    It works, but only first (old file) notification message "No new line at end of file" is shown, last (new file) notification message is still missing from a diff view. It's slightly confusing specially when style is strikethrough it gives impression that changeset fixed missing empty line problem.

  3. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    Ok i fixed the html issues with strikethrough and also now display the missing "No new line at end of file" in the `new` chunk

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