Error when upgrading to latest beta

Issue #503 wontfix
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After upgrading to latest beta i get the following error when requesting the summary on a repo:

Error - <class 'sqlalchemy.exc.OperationalError'>: (OperationalError) (1054, "Unknown column 'pull_requests.status' in 'field list'") 'SELECT count(*) AS count_1 \nFROM (SELECT pull_requests.revisions AS pull_requests_revisions, pull_requests.pull_request_id AS pull_requests_pull_request_id, pull_requests.title AS pull_requests_title, pull_requests.description AS pull_requests_description, pull_requests.status AS pull_requests_status, pull_requests.created_on AS pull_requests_created_on, pull_requests.updated_on AS pull_requests_updated_on, pull_requests.user_id AS pull_requests_user_id, pull_requests.org_repo_id AS pull_requests_org_repo_id, pull_requests.org_ref AS pull_requests_org_ref, pull_requests.other_repo_id AS pull_requests_other_repo_id, pull_requests.other_ref AS pull_requests_other_ref \nFROM pull_requests \nWHERE pull_requests.other_repo_id = %s) AS anon_1' (60L,)

I have done both 'paster upgrade-db production.ini' and 'paster make-config RhodeCode production.ini'.

Best regards, Thomas

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