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Michal Toth created an issue

Hello! My colleague would like to propose some interesting ideas after some heavy RH testing, on how to make RH web user interface much easier and pleasant to use

Here are some of his proposals are on this link. (I think this document might be occasionally improved and some new points might/will raise in future.)

Thank you Marcin

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  1. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    I'll move this into the the ticket:

    • [DONE] to stay in the place where the action was invoked from after repository is added. Now after creating repository from group’s list (aka directory list), navigation switches to all repositories list
    • to add button “ADD GROUP” (and proper functionality of course) to the main screen, my suggestion is near to “ADD REPOSITORY” button). The group (and its directory) will be created in selected parent group, similarly to repository creation. Possibly to add “Delete group” and “Delete repository” to the same screen (for users with proper rights)
    • in Repository groups page, by my opinion it would be better to display groups in tree form instead of tabular form. In large structure, it is tricky to navigate to required subfolder now.
    • [DONE] to allow action “Rescan repositories” as standalone action, that can be started from commandline (cron …). In our environment it is important synchronized often since RhodeCode does not support SSH so far, and we share single (very live) structure with ssh pushes. Another option would be to allow rescan without login (then we can use wget or similar tool to start it externally)
    • (minor) to allow to disable “Type” combo in “Create repository” screen in config somewhere (or even better to remove it from screen) since we have only HG and do not plan another one. This option is confusing for some endusers. - Just comment out git backend in rhodecode/
    • There is missing “Homepage” or “Main page” os similar button/link in lot of “dialog” pages (such as login page, some error pages … etc). We have to use “back” button in case I click to login by accident. - the title on the left always leads to home screen
  2. Michal Toth reporter

    Another point came out today:

    • Possiblity to easily navigate to repository setting. Add button to dropdown menu onto repository screen, so you don't have to navigate to admin -> repos -> settings .... just directly have a possibility to click there, if you have admin permissions. (Would save pretty much time)

    Thank you

  3. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    Most of the UI things are now implemented in group delegation functionality. Feel free to re-open a new ticket for further improvements thanks !

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