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Gustavo Chaves created an issue

Hi there. I'm using RhodeCode 1.4.0b, installed 2012-08-15. It's integrated with an Active Directory server via LDAP for authentication.

I've imported a Git repository using the scan repos method. There is a particular user who has already logged into RhodeCode for whom his name appears as his username in the ChangeLog and the ChangeSet views.

I'm attaching a ZIP containing these screenshots: admin-users-edit.png: the user page in RhodeCode. changeset.png: the changeset page, showing that the user's name appears as "rdalloca", which is his LDAP username. * svn-log.png: the "svn log" output for the same commit, showing that the user's name in the repository really is "Raphael G. E. Dall'Oca".

Why is RhodeCode showing his username instead of the commit author's name are recorded in the commit?

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  1. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    It is just the approach I'v decided to go with. Wsername is something required for user, while firstname or lastname are not. The function (h.person() that does the mapping) does lookup changeset users and compares data againts RhodeCode database, this way we always map different users/emails to one 'username' attribute.

    Users can have multiple emails as of RhodeCode 1.4 so username was the best choice to display, at least IMHO

  2. Gustavo Chaves reporter

    I see. This way the email will always be the same but you're substituting the username for the commit's author name as recorded in it. I think it's useful to know the author's name besides the username. If you're viewing someone else's commits, their names are sometimes more useful than their usernames if you want to reach them.

    Wouldn't it be possible to include the commit's author name in the presentation? It seems to to that there's plenty of space for this. I think one of these two approaches would be good:

    [IMG] username

    [IMG] User Name


    [IMG] User Name



    Hmmm... no luck trying to show it here with this bitbucket formatting... Sorry.

  3. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    I think i'll make the h.person configurable and return full_name attribute instead of username, that will be better.

    Or better a format : username (FirstName LastName)

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