Big delay on opening a repository group for the first time

Issue #533 resolved
Gustavo Chaves created an issue

Hi there. I'm using RhodeCode 1.4.0b, installed on 2012-08-15.

I have a directory group containing 115 repositories in it. The first time I navigate into it it takes about 10 secondes for RhodeCode to generate the repository list page. After having navigated once into it, the following times it takes just about 1 second to render the page.

I guess RC is constructing a cache the first time it enters a directory group. I used strace and saw that it executes "git -c core.quotepath=false rev-list --all --reverse --date-order" once for every repository in the repository group.

Is there something I could do to enhance the performance of the first time I get into that repository group?

I'm currently using SQLite to keep RC's database. Would moving it to MySQL show an improvement?

(I filed this under "enhancement" because there isn't a "question" issue type.)

Thank you.

-- Gustavo.

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  1. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    the main pages needs to display a lot of data fetched from the repositories itself, first load can tak long since RhodeCode needs to read 115 repositores. Than the data is cached and only refreshed when needed (for example after push). I recommend reading: pt. 1 from performance section should resolve the issues of slow loading, set it to a week or more.

    Moving from sqlite will increase overall speed of the whole RhodeCode system.

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