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We are trying to update from 1.3.6 to the new 1.4.0 (this morning) and we found this error when the server starts:

sqlalchemy.exc.ProgrammingError: (ProgrammingError) no existe la columna users.firstname at character 8 'SELECT users.firstname AS users_firstname, AS users_email, users.user_id AS users_user_id, users.username AS users_username, users.password AS users_password, AS users_active, users.admin AS users_admin, users.lastname AS users_lastname, users.last_login AS users_last_login, users.ldap_dn AS users_ldap_dn, users.api_key AS users_api_key, users.inherit_default_permissions AS users_inherit_default_permissions \nFROM users \nWHERE users.admin = %(admin_1)s \n LIMIT %(param_1)s' {'param_1': 1, 'admin_1': True} Removing PID file /var/run/rhodecode/pid

We followed the instructions to update but no changes were made in the ddbb:

paster upgrade-db production.ini You are about to perform database upgrade, make sure You backed up your database before. Continue ? [y/n]y FOUND CURRENT DATABASE UNDER VERSION CONTROL WITH VERSION 6 ************* This database is already at the newest version

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  1. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    That is very odd with this version. Yes you could try switching it back to 5 and run migration.

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