"Tip" field in repository list not always up to date

Issue #581 wontfix
Joseph Lisee created an issue

I have a test install of RhodeCode running on my local machine, Ubuntu 12.04 installed with pip. When I push to repos and then look in the repo list the "Last Change" column will update, but the "Tip" column can sometimes show nothing committed or an older revision.

This doesn't appear to be a consitent bug. I will update this issue if I am able to find a repeatable example.

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  1. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    RhodeCode uses cache invalidation after push. Check the logs, to see if it properly invalidates keys for repos, also the cache state can be checks in repo settings (when logged in as rhodecode admin)

  2. Joseph Lisee reporter

    Sorry we dropped RhodeCode for an internal tool and I didn't have time to check this out. I would close it as invalid or wontfix.

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