Allow Pull Requests between any 2 repos, not just fork and parent

Issue #584 resolved
Na'Tosha Bard created an issue

It makes sense that in most cases you would want to open a pull request for the parent of a fork, but in some cases you want to open a pull request for a different, but related, repository that is not the parent (Maybe want to consolidate a few feature branches and merge them together before merging it all back into the mainline codebase). For this, it would be important to be able to open Pull Requests from a repository into any other repository (especially since non-admins don't have the ability to change a fork's parent -- even if they own that repo).

It should probably be presented in the dropdown for the "receiving" end of the pull request by having the parent of the fork be the first item in the list (and selected by default) and all other available repos in that repository group also listed in the drop-down (because it will be too slow to figure out which repos are related from mercurial/git's perspective)

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