Allow Pull Requests on Changesets with an Already-Set Review Status

Issue #587 resolved
Na'Tosha Bard created an issue

Currently you can't open a pull request if any of the changesets in the pull request already have a set review status. Instead, you should be allowed to open a pull request in this case; the review status of all changesets in the pull request should just be reset to "Under Review" and everything should proceed like normal.

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  1. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    My original plan was that in such case you should delete pull request to be able to set status again, because i was afraid people will by accident open pull request that has common changesets, and they could end up in different status due to whole pull request getting different status than originally common changeset had. Maybe some warning about rewriting status would be better ?

  2. Na'Tosha Bard reporter

    I think allowing the pull request anyway (and resetting the status to "Under Review") as described in the initial report above is correct behavior, but it makes sense to show a warning in a banner at the top saying something like, "Beware that some changesets in this pull request already have a set review status. Opening a new pull request with this status will reset the review status of these changesets to 'Under Review'".

  3. Na'Tosha Bard reporter

    Just tested this in version 1.5.1. It is still not possible to open a pull request of a changeset that has an already-set status. Trying to do so gives an error like, "Revisions: Revisions 2e6bacdbfe9a are already part of pull request or have set status"

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