Repositories with anonymous access are always pulled as 'default' user instead of a real user name (if any)

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Dmitry created an issue


[14:14:52] <dfrank> marcinkuzminski: so, I have one a little annoying issue: if 'default' user can read some repo, then in the rhodecode's logs I see only 'default' user pulls this repo. Say, I configured my mercurial that my name is 'dfrank', and then I clone two repos: one can be read just by me, and second one can be read by anyone (i.e. 'default'). Then, in the logs I see that first repo is cloned by me, [14:14:53] <dfrank> but second one is cloned by 'default'. [14:15:18] <marcinkuzminski> dfrank, yep i [14:15:23] <dfrank> marcinkuzminski: is it possible to store real name of the user who cloned the repo (if it is specified, of course) [14:15:24] <marcinkuzminski> haha now i pressed enter [14:16:07] <marcinkuzminski> dfrank, i was annoyed by this also, but unfortunetly username is not send if the basic auth prompt is not triggered [14:16:33] <marcinkuzminski> so i have no way to extract the username from the url, of who pulled the repository [14:16:55] <dfrank> damn =( and no workaround? [14:17:05] <marcinkuzminski> disable anonymous access [14:17:17] <marcinkuzminski> then all pull/push needs to be authenticated [14:17:53] <dfrank> marcinkuzminski: no, this isn't allowed for me. but, who does this authentication? [14:17:58] <dfrank> marcinkuzminski: rhodecode or.. ? [14:18:04] <marcinkuzminski> rhodecode [14:19:37] <dfrank> marcinkuzminski: I do not really know good how all this works, but, if rhodecode does that, then why rhodecode can't try to do authentication even if anonymous access is allowed? Say, if authentication is failed, then write 'default', otherwise write real name [14:22:19] <marcinkuzminski> I could do that, but it will give big overhead of each clone [14:23:08] <marcinkuzminski> but it's interesting idea of making that configurable [14:23:10] <dfrank> marcinkuzminski: if you can create an option for that (say, turned off by default), then it would be great. Of course, I would turn it on for me }}}