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TK Soh created an issue

This feature seem to require significant amount of server resources and seem to slow down loading of summary page. IMO, it's not as critical in comparison to having a speedy response on other activities.

Also, will be make sense to have the statistic info moved to a page by its owned?

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  1. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    Also, will be make sense to have the statistic info moved to a page by its owned?

    Probably Yes, if more statistics will show up they have to be separated from the rest.

    The slowness can be resolved either by using celery, or just let the stats cache itself, each time You visit the summary page 250 changesets are cached into statistics. When You Reach the point that no more changesets are aggregated with stats, the summary page should run smoothly.

  2. TK Soh reporter

    I have problem getting celery to work and state cache will need time to build up (not sure how long). IMO, it's very important to ensure a fast response on the pages commonly accessed such as the project summary, else it may give a bad impression of the general aspect of rhodecode, or that something has gone wrong.

  3. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    yep, it's a good point. Working on per repository settings to disable/invalidate cache and statistics soon.

  4. TK Soh reporter

    Just wondering if there's any development on the issue. Right now I have to rely on local patch queue to disable it. It's a dirty patch at best, and not to mention to nuisance to pop and push every time I update the repo the dev branch.

    And the empty stat info on the summary pages will raise some 'suspicion'.

  5. TK Soh reporter

    I just tried it today. Here is some feedback:

    1) If the repo already contains statistic info collected earlier, the "Statistics are disabled for this repository" doesn't show up even if it's been disabled. The statistics need to be reset, else it will lead to confusion.

    2) the setting must be configured locally on individual repo. which can be very tedious when we have large number of repos. Will need a global setting, with perhaps option to override locally.

    BTW, is it still a plan to move the stat info section else where?

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