Cloning large files from bare repository

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Steven Turner created an issue

I have a central Rhodecode server with a user "rhodecode" owning all repository directories. This user has the largefiles cache location set to a central location. Rhodecode shows files in repositories under $REPONAME/.hglf/ and I can successfully download them via the web interface.

However, when issuing an hg clone command to clone from the Rhodecode server I get "abort: remotestore: largefile $FILEHASH is missing:".

The file is available in the central largefile cache but the repository itself is not "updated" as I do not have that option enabled in Rhodecode. If I issue an hg update in the repository and then an hg update null, the .hg/largefiles directory is created with the appropriate files in it and then remote users are able to clone successfully.

It is as if the HG client is not honoring the server's configuration for the central large files cache. Perhaps this isn't even an issue with rhodecode but mercurial itself.

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  1. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    What if you would put a hook for a repository that updates it after push ? RhodeCode has also an option to update repos after push globally, but it seems like an overkill to enable. Did you try asking also on mercurial discussion group about that issue ?

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