Branches with '/' are not handled correctly

Issue #654 resolved
Former user created an issue

You cannot switch to a branch with a '/' character in it.

For example, I'm on the 'Files' page for repository 'PRODUCT'. I have a git branch 'releases/PRODUCT-2-1'. Using the 'Switch to' menu, I click on that branch.

I get an error saying, "Revision u'releases' does not exist for this repository"

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  1. Peter Loron

    This is significantly impacting us as well. We use the git-flow process, and branch names with slashes are very common.

  2. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    Partial fix for this was deployed, when you switch to branch with / in name we fallback into a hash to display it, but the url paths with / still don't work properly.

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